Executive Team


Angelo R. Balili


Angelo Balili is the founder of Questronix Corporation. Mr. Balili has been responsible in all phases of the company’s development since its founding in 1987.He also serves concurrently as Chairman and President of Questronix group of companies; Everywhere Consulting Inc, Questech Co Inc and ECIQuest Co Inc. He is a CPA and started his career in the most prestigious accounting firm in the Philippines (SGV & Co).

Michael S. Dionisio


Michael Dionisio oversees the different facets of operations and makes sure corporate targets are met while continuously finding ways to improve and transform the business. Michael leads and motivates the people to buy the vision and corporate direction of Questronix and have a stake in the success of the company’s short-term and long-term goals.

Loida M. Pacis


As the Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Loida Pacis serves as the company’s torch-bearer on the frontlines, as she is chiefly responsible in making sure the company’s revenue projections are met, all while keeping the clients happy and engaged. She overseas her teams’ development and execution of industry-specific and client-specific sales strategies, as well as marketing and account coverage plans.

Dan R. Dizon


In his role as the head of Questronix Corporation’s Servcies arm, Dan Dizon’s principal responsibility is to guarantee the successful delivery, implementation, and support of the company’s numerous service offerings. He maintains a pool of highly skilled and highly certified systems engineers with an extensive range of knowledge and expertise that can be utilized to address all kinds of IT and support issues businesses may encounter.

Lancelot N. Castillo


As the main man behind the Questronix Solutions Department, Lance Castillo primary concern is to make sure the company is equipped to design, build, carry and support the most dynamic, agile, and best of breed solutions that can be offered to the market today to address any business need. He is in charge of curating the solutions that go into the company’s portfolio and makes sure each is successfully managed and grown.

John Cereal Angelo V. Balili


As Vice President, Angelo Balili is in charge of strengthening and aligning corporate plan and financial functions with the company’s core mission. He is also responsible for all aspects of human resources to make sure that we have the right people and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.